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Hayley Williams Fan Community
I think this song fits her very well, so I made a tribute.

Song-Explosive by Bond

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66 icons
1-8 ;; Fall Out Boy
9-14 ;; Gaspard Ulliel
15-22 ;; Hellogoodbye
23-27 ;; Jonas Brothers
28-45 ;; McFly
46-66 ;; Paramore

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it's always wierd being one of the first people to post on a new community.
anyways. just wanna say Hayley Williams IS amazing.
and i'm seeing them July 17th at the Hardrock cafe in NYC!
and then i feel the need to post this picture. because this just makes me love her even more.

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Just somethin' I put together today...Be kind it's one of my first spams. >.<


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I checked out the interests and there were very few, so I decided to make one.
Basically, you can post anything as long as it relates to Hayley Williams.
Fanfiction, picspams, icons, questions, fanvids...the lot.
Anyways, please join! Go ahead and post, they'll be sent to me just so there's no flames or anything stupid. But help out the community!

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